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The impressive Maritime Station complex is located in the center of Naples, between land and sea. This is where Terminal Napoli has been operating since it was opened, with a business that is undoubtedly linked to the physical structure in which it operates, and to the projects of transformation that it has promoted.
As a matter of fact, Terminal Napoli is the company that manages the cruise terminal in Naples’ port (cruise ships dock at the Maritime Station, where large transatlantic liners used to dock). Starting with its natural business operations, it has provided an example of how the public can enjoy and benefit from a sea station…now through the recent construction of a convention center, Expo Napoli, and a shopping mall.
Terminal Napoli has become the point of reference in the cruise line sector, among others. In fact, people refer to the “Naples model” because Terminal Napoli is the first real example of a company where supply and demand meet (its mixed structure also includes cruise lines).

Terminal Napoli is, therefore, a multifunctional company, just like the structure in which it operates.